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About Us

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China Sunny & Forecasting Information Consultant Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as CSF)was established in 2006. We are a professional consulting firm and we offer services to enterprises,domestic and overseas park developer and operator, financial institutions and so on. The company is the official member of the Chinese association of market information and research with foreign-related survey permission license.CSF is a committee member of the “China building materials international production capacity cooperation enterprise alliance”approved by the national development and reform commission,and a member of the “China light industry international production capacity cooperation enterprise alliance”established by the China federation of light industry.

We focus on the independent research and agent investment promotion of China's overseas parks,and have been independently engaged in the special research and landing solutions in the above fields for more than a decade. We are committed to providing customers with unique,customized, landing solutions with better cost performance.

In the research and professional consultation of China's overseas parks,CSF is very good at park strategic positioning,park investment value evaluation,park business model,industrial planning,pre-investment promotion,investment promotion planning,investment promotion strategy,investment promotion plan planning,agent investment promotion and other professional modules.

We take the leading industry planning of overseas parks as the core,providing guidance for the strategic positioning of overseas parks,the evaluation of investment value of parks, the pre-investment promotion,investment promotion strategy, investment promotion planning,the locking of potential target investment promotion enterprises' customer groups,the definition of key countries or regions for investment promotion, the composition of investment promotion props and the whole industrial chain support. Through the dual-wheel drive at the research level (industrial planning,investment promotion planning,etc.) and the implementation level (pre-investment promotion, agent investment promotion,etc.),the company can provide more valuable guidance and solutions for various customers in China's overseas parks.

In the overseas project consultation,we gradually formed our own exclusive model,core ideas and systematic methods. In addition,we have core capability at the following domain: overseas market investigation,international Park planning, investment business,overseas property research,overseas compensation study,industrial research and business meeting arrangement and so on. Our ideas and solutions can provide a new perspective and path for your decision and implementation. It is safe to say that by customizing our special consulting program,we are not only customizing our comprehensive research report,but also customizing our objective,independent and professional judgment on overseas projects.

In the process of development,CSF has been strongly supported and encouraged by the alliance,experts and scholars,and has absorbed more and more professional and pertinent opinions from customers in the industry,for which we are forever grateful and respectful. We will integrate social resources and sharpen our professional depth in the future growth,so as to provide customers with a package solution with better cost performance and greater landing value.

CSF will adhere to the business philosophy of “shaping advantages for customers,helping customers to realize value”,and serve customers and the society.


Contact information:

Address:Room 601&602, Building 7,Jiayue Square, Xihongmen, Daxing District, Beijing
Zip Code:102600



Website: www.topbrain.cn  www.topbrain.com.cn

E-commerce :www.topo100.com  www.dataren.com

Email:topbrain@188.com  topo100@188.com


Bank : China Minsheng Bank Beijing Jianguomenwai Branch

Account No. : 0140014210001342

China Sunny & Forcasting Information Consultant Co.Ltd.

cordially welcome your consultation and invitation.

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